Terms and Conditions

Standard conditions of sale of consumer goods over the Internet ("Sales Terms") are
prepared by the Consumer Ombudsman and aims to ensure that e-commerce takes place in accordance dance with applicable consumer protection laws.

Sales terms and this guide is recommended for the sale of goods on the Internet.

Terms of Sale is version 1.0 of 25 February 2009. On our website, will this guide, sales conditions and any new versions are available.

Businesses are responsible for keeping themselves informed of changes to the conditions and laws that regulate e-commerce so that the conditions of the sale shop uses at all times in accordance with Norwegian law.

This guide gives an overview of the requirements for online stores in the consumer-
the legislation. The guide is intended as a practical tool, but does not provide exhaustive
overview of all requirements for online stores. Pursuant to the requirements given examples of how this can be carried in each store.

1. Requirements for use of standard terms of sale

1.1 The seller must provide kontaktinformasjon1 seller must provide the name, contact address, e-mail,
organization in terms of sales item 2 The seller must also enter the phone number
or other contact information that allows the buyer can quickly get answers from the seller. Beyond the
the sales terms are used without further adaptations.

1.2 The buyer must have easy access to salgsbetingelsene2 access to the conditions of the sale shall not
be more than a click away through the whole buying process. The buyer shall have the opportunity to
To save and print contract in its entirety.

 Example: At the bottom of every page in the online store it says "market conditions". By clicking on
the word "market conditions" are buying into a pdf with the terms of the full text.

1.3 The buyer must accept salgsbetingelsene3 buyer must actively accept the terms of
conditions of the sale in order solution before binding agreement is signed. Forhåndsavkryssede
field is not sufficient.

Example: Before the purchase is completed you will get a field that can be ticked off. Next
of this field says "Yes, I accept the sales conditions." By clicking on the word
"Sales conditions" are buying into a pdf with the terms of the full text.

1 See Cancellation Act § 7 and the Electronic Commerce Act § 8 ??2 See
Cancellation Act § 7 and the Electronic Commerce Act § § 8 and 11 3 See
Christian The Femtis Norwegian Law 5-1-1

2.1 Requirements to the terms of the specific agreement

4 The actual agreement must contain the following elements:
Description of the product and its main properties
Example: The name of the product is in order solution. Buyers get more information about
item by clicking on the name of the item.

Total price including all taxes, fees and shipping charges. The individual
cost elements included in the total amount must be specified.
Example: There is information about the price of goods (including VAT., Environmental fees and other
taxes) and shipping costs in order solution. This added up to a total amount of purchases
to pay.

Time and manner
Example: The buyer can choose between different delivery methods. After the buyer has chosen
delivery method, provides information about how long it usually takes for purchase will receive the item.

Payment date and manner. If the required down payment by the buyer, the
a statement specifically about this and informed of the risks associated with
Example: The buyer can choose between different payment methods. After the buyer has chosen
payment, provides information on when payment is made, or when the money is deducted from

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