Gold-, silver and bronse jewelry is difficult to photograph.

The beautiful shiny surface of our jewelry will generally not come to the right of the images in our online store.

Our jewelery is made ??in small series and we use slightly different ranges of our pendants, so the chains may show minor deviations from those fitted to the images.

The needles on the brooch is not shown in the pictures, we have removed them, so that they will not disturb the overall impression of the brooch.

We have tried to shrink the images in proper relation to each other, but deviations can occur. Inform youselv about the size and chain length which is indicated next to the necklace in the information page.

All our bronsejewelry is oxydised and later polished by hand. this meens that there will be slight differences in colour and oxydisationintensity between the pictures and the delivered bronsejewelry.Not one pice will be equal the other. 

All sizes are approximate values, a lot of the jewelry are handmade and small differences in size can therefore appear.

It is taken at any time in relation to price and model change without prior notice.