Bracelet, sunwheel


kr 1684

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The item in the image is strongly decreased, please locate the size in the:  "PRODUKT DETAILS" - The sami women attached these special jewellery to their leather belts

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Item strong decrease on the image, please select:  "More" and locate the size in the:  "Datasheet" - The sami women attached a special jewellery to their leather belts. This belt-jewellery was either made of metal or reindeerhorn. Under the belt-jewellery the women attached their knives, needle-cases, spoon-bags , scissor-covers and purses. The keys for the storehouses and treasury boxes were additionally attached to the belt-jewellery when they moved with their reindeer herds. Some models of our belt-jewellery are from the Middle Ages. They were found beside ancient sami sacrificial stones in Sweden. The scientists assume that the motives are sunwheels or sun-symbols . Thereby the belt-jewellery got their name: sunwheel. . Most of our sunwheels originate from belt-jewellery made of reindeer-horn. To make jewellery which is fit for the modern women we had to decrease the size of all the original sunwheels.


Data sheet

925 silver
B X H mm 190 X 20

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