Midtnightsun brooch


kr 284

(tax incl.)

All our bronze jewelry is oxidized (blackened) before being polished to a high gloss. After polishing, the bronze jewelery is protected by a special lacquer. Some of the lacquer together with invisible remnants of the oxidation are shown on the pictures as spots and shadows.

All bronze jewelry is protected by a special lacquer. The midtnightsun is a important natural phenomenon for the sami people. The sun is painted on almost every preserved sami sjaman drum. The sun is often stylized beyond recognition but our sun is inspired by a drawing of a drum from Aasele Lappmark/Sveden. This drum has been known since 1693 but may be much older than this. Ernst Manker stated that the sun was not seen as a divine figure but as the u-personified power of the universe, that is the creator himself. Kilde: Ernst Manker, Die lappische Zaubertrommel. Bind 1, Runebom nr. 65

B X H mm 31 X 26

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