Ptarmigan brooch


kr 308

(tax incl.)

All our bronze jewelry is oxidized (blackened) before being polished to a high gloss. After polishing, the bronze jewelery is protected by a special lacquer. Some of the lacquer together with invisible remnants of the oxidation are shown on the pictures as spots and shadows.
All bronze jewelry is protected by a special lacquer. The originals of our grouses were found beside to an ancient sami sacrificial stone in Sweden. They were made of pewter or bronze. Analysis of the bronze showed that some of the were produced near lake Ladoga in Russia. The design showes that they were specially made for sami customers. In the Middle Ages there existed an important trade with fur in the sami areas. The were probably highly priced trade goods. The ring attached to the back of the indicates that they have been used as pendants. Some of the original were made of pewter. This metal is so easy to work with that the sami people probably could have casted the themselves, using the bronze as models. If it is really the sami people who produced the pewter grouses, this would be the first proof of sami metalwork. The grouses have such an elegant form, that they could have been designed by a modern designer.
B X H mm 26 x 29

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