Sami spoon


kr 1872

(tax incl.)

The item in the image is strongly decreased, please locate the size in the:  "PRODUKT DETAILS" - The spoons were specially made for sami customers.

Item strong decrease on the image, please select:  "More" and locate the size in the:  "Datasheet" - The spoons were specially made for sami customers. The sami people sent spoons, made of reindeerhorn, to silverworkshops in Southern Norway and Northern Sweden. These reindeerhorn spoons were used as models to produce silver spoons which the sami people used to eat with. All the sami people had a spoon in a small bag attached to their belt. The design of the ancient spoons of reindeerhorn show, that the Sami often used metal spoons as a model for their own spoons of reindeerhorn. Many of the sami silver spoons are thereby copies of reindeerhorn spoons, which again are copies of silver spoons. This way the old sami spoons got the most special design of all sami silver. Many spoons have loose rings mounted on the handle. These rings were probably decoration and had no practical or symbolic meaning. Two of our silver spoons got their design directly from ancient spoons made of reindeerhorn, found in this area.

925 sølv
B X H mm 40 X 112

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